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  1. Just want to learn

    1. Hello there are many instructional guides on AMAZON by Dr. Andrew “Sohamahos” Greszczyszyn which can be purchased and saved as computer files (rather than kindle files). As well there is a new website at http://www.YogisLiberation.com with donational yogas and inexpensive eManuals.

  2. Dr.Andrew, Anadananda I practice the Kharchi pranayamas everyday; and do all kinds of advanced kriya kundalini pranayamas everyday.I am still trying hard to do the right kriya kundalini techniques to achieve God, Immortality, the desires of my life: true love,God’s love with a wife, money to give you! Also to pay for your kaya kalpa medicines. Can you please tell me what to do to achieve what you and Babaji have already acheved in kriya kundalini yoga?

    1. Hello Anadananda,

      There are donational eCourse on line at http://www.YogisLiberation.com this is a good starting place to enhance teaching with concepts you may know already. I think you have the understanding taught in Immortal Now! Part1-3 if not this also is a good principle to understand. There is the eManaul on AMAZON titled How To Become Immortal, and Short-Cuts to Christ Consciousness and an understanding of what is needed to expand by going to read this post and list of eManauls here http://liberationfactor.com/ideas-for-yogis-who-are-ready-to-expand-conscious-growth/

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