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Business Models That Develop Greater Wealth

Business Models To Develop Greater Wealth
Copyright 2018-Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn
The Sohamahos

1. The Museum that is a process based on passivity…could be opened 24 hours…or even later at night….
a. Sure we’ve heard of 24 hours gyms….this is understood.
b. 24 Hour restaurants…same principle…these all time…

2. Beyond time what is another limitation which could be used as an extension….location
a. sure development of say other location in other cities, other countries, other
or even Up or Down. Ie built upwards or downwards…but this is dumb on many companies parts…here is the missing part of this…
I recently saw a Starbucks within say a walking distance to another Starbucks….what is the fundament of this? quicker lines? are two stores more functional that say one bigger one with multiple lines…and would you examine the cost difference on One Rental compared to two locations? Would seem resonable that one a little bigger is less expensive than say two…
b. But what about the nature of say a movie theater than uses theater upon theater, or build upwards instead of using spaces horizontally? it would makes sense to save money on building up rather than out.

3. Beyond time and location…what is the next principle to extend…versatility…ie shared space…begin to be used…and in many ways something like Regus a system of building (floors within building accross the World to rent space, or even be used for meeting as a package you own and can reserved elsewhere in the world).
a. in this way I’ve seen the eye doctor also add a room for say chiropractic/which could then be used for massage, naturopath, osteopath….in this way that one room used for multiple purposes…and the nature of insurance (sure I’ve beat into that process…and think its a dysfunction model of creating health for people…the insurance benefits I mean) but could develop wealth even for the eye doctor without insurance…heck one room now those many more functions of health!

4. Skill Sets. In the primary “conditional” states in the USA, chiropractor can also do gynelogical and male exams…in Canada we can’t do that as chiropractors. But imagine this the skill set of a chiropractor can extend to that of use of nutrition and diet, homeopathy, massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy, cranial work…reiki and energy healing, as well as even fundaments of yoga and exercise…this way what I was doing…entertaining the concept of shamanism, and ayurvedic.
a. imagine if you were say a writer…that understood languages or used a software (or a technology geek that understood languages and created a inexpensive translation software…imagine the money!) to extend business
b. this could extend to that teacher that opened side business and taught say “english” to people in various locations (which is model #3) but could mean enhancing products as skill sets by developing things such as the psychology teacher that wrote on the effects of psychology of business, sports, education, religion, exercise, thought patterning, coaching, marketing, etc.

5. Habits. Fundamentals such as use of the same or different gas companies…sure you could set up a unique proposal such as car wash, or even joint venture with say food/restaurants such as happens in Canada (ie Tim Hortons coffee, or even CIBC bank machines or even A&W burgers..etc).
a. But what are real habits? sleep, eating, working, hygiene those for the most part…k. how do you effect these in…idea #1 was sleep..turning down time into power time…eating by as joint ventures or even higher by diversity (some burritos places Like in Toronto Burrito Boys something beyond the classic burrito…sweet potatoes, halibut, things like this…but imagine if McDonalds added some Vegan options…not even a vegan burger on their menu! quite dysfunctional…but conceptually every other burger shop does for the most part…beyond that is higher vegan options than those competitor chains, offering non soy vegans based on higher concepts such as Beans/Seeds/Nuts (very inexpensive to do given the resources they should have and a good supplier that understood that Soy is not to healthy). Working would be things like using your space again 24 hours, but beyond that on weekends, of a church say teaching universal religion through marketing systems, whereby those Christians could learn say Buddhism or even Taoist philosophy on down times…even not important a process to teach their own congregation, but allow those nearby in other systems of religion a place of worship…weird but you could even telecast it to people (telecasts) to other countries, time zones or even have a radio station. Hygiene, which for the most part people think means showering or bathing…but what about the combing of hair, haircuts, make up, or even beauty enhancements such as “botox” (don’t like it due to its dysfunctional nature) but even spas, nail-cutting and sure things like grounds keeping (cutting tree, weeding, shoveling drive ways-grooming the other thing we do on an ongoing basis deemed hygiene)…so how is this multiplied…we see Gas stations with tooth brushes and tooth paste…cool start…but places in California and other locations offer “spaces” to sleep during work time…this to enhance recovery and developments of creativity…but what if you as many places do…have a gym, chiropractor or even massage on location. Pretty cool…could rent it to the service provider to make money, or have them on hire to promote your business. But what if you went beyond this, and offered/bought your own grounds keeper (a service you provided your employees service…discounted you develop tax write offs, have happier employees, more time for employees at family time, or on work projects, with less injuries or even more powerful a way they will want to work for you harder, longer, more often, take less sick days-these all add up costs which pale in comparison of owning your own grounds keeping business).
b. Beyond these habits, there is listening to music, sex, and use of transportation….k…music established into processes which enhance function…say classical tom enhance productivity…or even smooth jazz to set the mood of dinner, sex etc. But how is this sold…many musicians that have the means to compose or even enhance music…look at the under developed ones…there are many performers who I know through my highschool that live either in Canada or some in the USA (and really may not matter to them to travel if expenses are paid) that are awesome and could service say a party, a event, a function, or even an “album”…if not them I am sure you could learn from some of them on how to find others they’ve interacted with, know or learnt from. In higher ways music could be used functionally as your own radio station (now on internet, and low cost…so the group given enough music, say Madonna, or U2 a station of their own..bizzare, but do joint ventures together…say the Metal Groups of the 80’/90’s have a station together…heck you there are some people groups that do events together/concerts…make sense to release albums together, or biggy back or give away the under group to get more sellers….or even the lower group to promote the upper group in ways which are not time, monetary or even sharing of space..things like doing research for FANS, blog post for them, travel estimate, restaurant locations, events and parties developements..etc. Beyond that music habit is sex…sure some have more than others….but how is this habit enhanced. Bars most people understand…movies, and then sex shops…porn and those sites both internet and magazines…but how do you go beyond those? Sure vacations….nude resorts, and even some spas/massage…many not for couples..imagine a nudist hotel, swim party, sure we’ve begun yoga classes (usually one sex at a time..but again what is Tantra)…doesn’t have to be in group either, teach as an individual for one on one couples…beyond that is the use of restaurants…nude (if it hasn’t been done..or maybe it is unhygenic…haha, yep rats etc in restaurants, or floors unkept, but what sitting on a covered/easily changed chair unhygenic)….k..what about sure those nude airlines…nude art classes, nude readings of poetry or romance novels, nude scuplting, nude maid services…haha that is a joke…wouldn’t want that haha…k really that does happen, but what about nude dog salons sure groom your customers dog while they watch you nude…common make it work for you…you got that body…no need to be a tramp but it could enhance business…no really…why not work, or conversely why be a prostitute…you can have a sexy body…not be a paid sexual partner and not have to work at a restaurant as a waitress looking for work as a model (sterotype, and no not laughable). Transportation…yep hire a company to service your employees…if you have many people coming out of town..why allow them to expense say taxis when you can own your own car and give an employee the role occasionally to pick up a worker…sure would imagine some offices do this…but what about say the dysfunctional nature of say Vegas that I think is Sin City (read my post on my website), but couldn’t they enhance say the metro to the closest hotel. The walking distance of the airport to the closest hotel on the strip is within walking distance…k..really what is the function of say most taxis on that strip…all within walking distance. sorry Vegas…private Jets sure..but what about systems of vehicles as a “grouped” buy to be used NOT for work, but for employees…the idea would be to either talk/converse with employees upon start up of company or even nature of work…ie the investor say with more wealth…rights with Mercedes or BMW (buy a bunch at discount and sell them less margine for employees…heck give one away for a Christmas party, and sell raffle tickets to offset the cost-this could be used even as a bought one car and sold for say a church function, as part of U2 or Madonnas concert (each concert in some way to do something crazy like have a membership group) or a flight to resort destination for say Bob Proctor or Tony Robbins as one of his event…do something crazier and don’t even do it for the exclusive group, or the dinner group, but EVERYONE who buys a ticket…make it fair…the process is more fun, exciting and powerful!

6. Sex…not the function but the duality..male/female..
a. K clothing..yes…done…sex toys done…books done…movies done…foods NOT done…nutrition done/started…gyms done…yoga not done…sports done…schooling done…religions…haha not done…restaurants not done…alcohol done…hotel not done…cars not done/some think but really not..learning systems…not done…language assimilation not done…math/sciences education not done…travel destinations not done..among others
b. Lesbian, Gay, Trans, etc (sorry didn’t list all term correctly…but do love everyone!) again the above could be created into any form of system…not just for one or another considered Gay (as listed) but even for education of those that want to know more…or even weired it may appear, those that want to see what it’s all about…so the gay restaurant…the gay movie theater or gym…the gay yoga class, or romance novel, movie or radio.TV Station. you get the point

7. Characteristics. Height, Weight, Income, Geography, Religion (some of the basics)
a. Sure some stores unique to say heavy or tall…but what about things like cars for bigger people, or one aircraft for those deemed taller or not able to fit in a “regular” sized chair..imagine having a line of those either a a unique plane company or even the major airlines (a less serviced time with one or more of these such planes!)…heck yeah baby, you’d do a service for so many…some airlines offer pet services, I’d imagine many below..but again the same process previously mentioned or a unique airline for pets (that would be your service let me know I’d be interested in kick backs for this idea..but don’t care if you don’t any of these works really). Virgin Airlines offering dog services yeah baby! Income somewhat explainable to most, but the contrast approach is even more productive…so the high roller fundaments for those without money…and the low rollers fundaments for those with lots of wealth…imagine a huge expensive meal (unltimated a waste for the most part…what a bar offering $500 bottle service which costs about $4-5 for a bottle) but doing something drastic as steaks and vegetable in a classy way on a discount day…sure the Keg one day a month/bimothly or what ever you feel good (not for seniors but those people that can present lower income)…doesn’t even have to be restaurants…could be flights, resorts, movies, etc…and conversly the wealthy going to hostels to save money, taking subway instead of limos, and even eat in restaurants that are deemed “lower standard” to save money.
b. Reincarnation End Judegment, Sin Heaven, Hell, Religion and Atheism….Godhead Science…I’ve been doing a lot about religion (some wealth principles) but shortly will begin doing other functions other than religion!

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The Mind And Its Power

The Mind And Its Power
Conceptually Who Created Those 12 Caravans In Short Radius?
Copyright 2018-Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn
The Sohamahos

1. Here’s the deal…sure Grand Caravan in the GTA are thought to be inexpensive family vehicles…
2. But since December 2017 and what began as my divorce I began being followed by these vehicles…more than a random occurance…one was bought into my ex-wifes sister/husband and that discounted…
3. Being followed more than a “synchronus” occurance but at places deemed I would go…this increasing till the point I made a stink in Brampton (suburb of Toronto)…and seeing 11 between West Lynn and Shoppers Drug Mart before Coxwell…one would imagine in that short radius…not to sound dumb or anything any idiot could imagine they were left there due to my ex-wife and some such pay off!
4. But here’s the real deal…some idiots such as my mom disagree saying they are a common car…k…why are there now 11 there and say three weeks ago 1…fundamentally this makes no sense…
5. K…let us say it is my mind like mom said-the process of thinking more about a car…ie you buy a car and see it more…
6.Then I am some Power God with a mind able to “manifest” 11 vehicles On a given time 3-minutes to drive that…and understand that parking could not be taken by another vehicle so as to manifest this process cleanly…heck yeah baby I’ll take that power!
7. Either way I down with it…why if I am that good at manifesting which some may think…heck yeah baby! why the heck need anti-psychotics for that kind a power! And if I can’t heck I’ll eventually learn how to manifest things like that one day…why because liberation and eternity is a heck of a lot of time to creat that ability!
ADDITION any idiot that think he or she did this kind of manifesting…examine the function or why you’ve done it? May makes sense in my case…or my ex-wifes case….as a manifestation…and stupider is if it cost money! haha dysfunctional! What a waster….those license plates will present them…heck their up now! got to (check the blog)

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The Sohamahos…and Stuff

There should be listening files here somewhere…180224_0001

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The Sohamahos THAT I AM Becoming Deathless

The Sohamahos THAT I AM Becoming Deathless
Copyright 201-Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn

1. Play U2’s Rattle And Hum…Van Dien’s
2. Christmas Conceptualize…a) little drummer boy..b)Gold Fracensce and Myrr
3. Not what I presented as Ray of Light By Madonna
4. Yeah I cry and may hessitate, maybe even trying to prevent…but will be okay…
5. A reason to not eat…
6. Not as my mom or other people may think of a Suicide…and not even a concept like Mahasamadhi…
7. Do look at the classic picuture of Sri Yukestwar, or Yogananda in one picture (you’ll know when you see it) and brighter image than what surrounds them, that outer surrounding appearing fades..the body more clear…now who is real or what is real?

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Who Is The Sohamahos!

Understanding The Last Important Principle To Begin Foundations Of Belief In The Sohamahos
Copyright 2018-The Sohamahos
Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn

Who is Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn…more importantly why read or attend one of his seminars?

Foundations such as he presents’ are they delusional? With matter such as those based on immortality, can he be trusted?

Further more as suggested is he delusional or even a pathological lier?

Situationally does the material he release become backed by Truth, or are they foundations of some obstruct pathology?

haha..I will start by saying I am Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn! The work I’ve presented from onset of writing back in 2003 with the development based on the process that resulted through “praying” to God to please clean me out…and going to the blissful situation and witness of “what appeared/not visioned but-sensed, as three inner natures” is paramount (nope not to my success…that happened already..but your success!)…the fundamental flaw of your choice in this matter is without the experiential nature of what I present, you could either choose to think the processes I present are delusional (and I am flawed) or that you believe and I am not making stuff up…

That nature of choice is yours, and I can not force you to choice one or the other way, nor do I care if you don’t accept what I present as non lies…furthermore I couldn’t give a rats ass if you think I am schizophrenic/or hallucinating (based on some creative nature or idea some medical community, ill informed about simplicities such as yoga, kundalini and enlightenment- has created to support their non enlightenment on the subject of both yoga as well as GOD)…nor do I care if you follow and try to do as I have achieved…really it is in many ways if not all ways…always your choice every step of the way…

Here is the following….the guides/manuals I’ve presented should prepare you to understand (even to the atheist that does have no faith or even HATES that there might be a Source to this universe) that there is a creative process to this creation we call cosmos.

This no doubt…don’t even go there with that….that is point number one…little to argue there on that issue…whether you are Darwin or Hawkins..don’t care you are not only dumb but so messed inĀ  the head to think there is no Source (and yes the presentation I feel as though I was Yogananda last life, does not suggest that I can not swear…the nature of that is truly I never swore even in my mind until my mom decided to call the cops on me, getting a court order because she claimed I was unhealthy and not taking care of myself, a process that taught me injustice in the system we call LAWS, a start up due to the indocity of what has become the world due to the medical if not drug pushing community-this recently in 2018 about the time of my divorce)…that story you need to read..but in essence it shows the development of both injustice due to medical community and the non-educated responses of those that have no-enlightenment or even know what enlightenment may suggest…foundationally this is a problem and where the swearing begins…as such it is not a curse or use of force or even threat…but a process to “set into motion your mind”…no really I agree swearing is bad….well not really but could lead to fabrication of habitual response uncontrolled once set into motion (much like other habits like smoking, drinking alcohol or even masturbating)…but I have general….okay, perfect control over the process and do not do as my past inlaws and wife had habit of doing- such as swearing around children…yes it is controllable and active device to “Cause or Shape” for the most part the writing and illogical labelling that foundationally I could not be Yogananda last life)—haha.

But really common…what again was before this cosmos?… Get my point? Although you may not be able to see it or even feel it, or even smell it, or even taste Source/Godhead…dude it is there, and will always be! No matter what systems of measurement you propose and how smart you think you are or could become…you will never be able to measure that which IS…don’t give it a name, don’t care…give it a new name….still don’t care….use one religion, multiple religions, new religions or no religions..still don’t care…THAT which IS is so beyond this cosmos (yes a principle not of thought but TRUTH…and something I fabricate in speech but have experience of in both witnessing as basic experiences and they beyond that as thoughts of THAT which is beyond what the experiences have provided as rational thinking and deduction- that which is beyond what could be witnessed, but still based on that process-those general embodiments which serve us…the senses-not even the primary basic five but beyond those into the processes of “things such as intuition, clairnatures (such as clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairtactience, and even clairsmellence…haha like that term eh..thought you would!), synchroncities, deja vues, Samadhis, bliss and even general siddhis, as well as the last foundation of witnessing those of Omnipresence, Omniscience, Omnipotency, Omnitemporalness and those major siddhis of Levitation, Lourdness, becoming as large as the universe, small as the atom.

If those ideas of “witnessing” aren’t in your vocabulary or function…and you are still working with the basic senses (those we call the basic five of smell, taste, touch, feeling, and hearing) you should know…Source is generally not witnessed until those are for the most part “observed” to become silent…or drastically reduced…this for the most part occured in my witness through levels of reduction based upon processes of both yoga and alchemistry…

This should also demonstrate the nature that yoga and alchemistry and the writing I present (are again not based upon non truths, but experiential happenings)…this foundation is I did not create yoga the system…it is old age…with many practitioner whom use it and before me also used it or similar methods and processes to witness Source as well…so think clearly again! If others did this as well…and I used the process by which they were said to have accomplished those feats…and I too have witnessed Source…either all us who claim to have witnessed SOURCE are messed in the head or you “not losers…that may be too strong…but you unenlightened people…okay again not fair maybe… doubting Thomas’…can’t comment one way or the other…

Here’s the deal…I witnessed internal guidance…some medical community claims it is/are hallucinations…the rational that they are based on chemical imbalances…the reasoning not even rational, or even functional to use systems like anti-psychotics as they even suggest to help get to sleep…how fucked up is that…taking an anti-psychotic to induce sleep…or even for the part of natures such as paranoias (thinking I was followed once-but do you think Donal Trump may think at times, hes’ followed, or having jealousy and questioning my wife about past lovers!) Really how could a chemical imbalance do such things? Does a spike in dopamine create such “systems” of inner vocabulary to say things like if you did this to your diet, your health would improve-as it has…or even if you watch this something strange will be noticed….and a squirel jolt then run up a mental/nope not even wood, but metal pole and do a back flip…before scurrying away)…really how does that dopamine change they suggest do that KIND of THING? no really?

Is there some capacity of the molecules that magically turn a thought process on or off….or even higher still create the right system of vocabulary to create perfect sentence structure….and a sentence structure to predict the exact redability or predictive nature of timing of a car…but not even just any car but a police car at exact scheduled timing the “internal voice said a police would pass”…haha k…let us rationalize with that medical model of pathology suggestive of chemical imbalances…I don’t even care if it is say sodium and not dopamine..or any other functional or non functional chemistry they are now going to suggest or will in the future…how does a molecule change cause a predictive nature so precise that it can tell me a non typical car will pass and that with exact precision in future predictive sense, and that exactly in outer situation-something non reflective of non subjectivity…not even a mental construct…furthermore why use a chemical for a non chemical process? Or even more importantly why think these expressions are damaging and therefore needing treatment, rather than “enhancements” or “functions that are improvements”…

They or even those who think they are able to shut the ideas I present down saying they are hallucinations based on chemistry…and I need anti-psychotic meds,even though the processes have been confirmed as outer phenomenal based on inner mental constructs or happenings-these based on a development which was driving by the search for GOD and becoming much like Jesus (do read the onset) linked at times with exterior aspects to the mind. In this way should they think these are non real, then they would have to explain who I am….if I am a part of their creative universe they express as real…ie) I am a part of their reality…then they have to understand they are either not privy to the realization I provide, and lack the process to either judge or even comment on these enlightening facts…and in this way, should not comment, make judgement or even assess or create a descisions based on their non intellect functioning…or state of dogma they present, otherwise known and non-enlightenment- states they have not become familiar with or informed about much less assimilated or become witness of. Furthermore, they should they decide to believe I do not exist (which is the contrast)- then they must realize since I believe I am a part of this existence we call universe, and they appear to be talking and interacting with me…should be labelled as the ones deemed delusional…and therefore need to be on the “anti-psychotic” meds!

This is the concluding remarks to help you begin the process towards the level you’d like to “move towards”. Again as explained in other works, you could “choose” to say I am wrong…which does not make you right! Only that your choice is to say I am wrong…And without the support of both knowledge of possibility or even enlightenment on the subject it has happened in similar process in yourself….and could therefore not make an accurate judgement that is based on an experience but only a thought or expression of your belief that I am somehow wrong, then Truly without experience- your values not only do not have meaning for me (and even those who have experienced or have experiences beyond what I present) but also should recognize that there were a mass of people that thought we’d never fly in planes…haha I flew twice in the past week..once from Toronto to LA, California…and the second time from LA to Vegas, USA…doubt that was unreal….since people I believe were walking in the airport and went on the plane with me, and currently are sitting in the airport as I write this exchange before making one more flight scheduled tonight…even beyond that is the people that used to think the world was flat…Darwin or Hawkins…do you guys…okay won’t ask Darwin…he’s dead…but Hawkins do you still think…I believe it is commented you are some kind of physicist, and know some sort of science…is that true? please enlighten me…is the world flat?

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Vegas Experiences Not To Miss!

The Experience of Las Vegas That Can’t Be Missed!
Copyright 2018-The Sohamahos
Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn

Here is what I know about the “sin of what is Vegas” yes the sin city of the World…

Nope not, the patrons who come to experience “gambling”, “nude shows” “alcohol” or maybe even Night life/clubs.

As you will see it is something far different.

Back last year while visiting Vegas for my birthday (to Visit a True essence of modern chiropractic) yes a true reason I came to Vegas, I and my wife (ex-wife now) and I went along the Vegas Strip and visited hotels and such…

All beautiful. We came across a man “trying to present us with coupons to be used for both gambling as well as restaurant discounts and entertainment.

My wife did not want to but I was okay with going to see the “presentation” a functional Time-Shares presentation. Both of us went to the presentation.

The idea they presented sounded promising…it was for Saphire Resorts. The idea was to join with a start up and recurring (smaller fee). The nature was you could use the “club in Vegas when ever you wanted and for no cost once the registration fee had been comitted to and paid”…

Also you could additionaly based on some different levels of where, etc and how frequently go to other places around the world…sure not all or even destination conceivable….but suggested many.

This winter I began inquiring for destination…all were booked. Yes the full installment of initial “higher” priced initiation fee all paid off (some $5000-7000 US, have exact figures).

Not too worried about that…until coming back to Vegas. Recently as I walked the streets to find the club which was a “supposed” free stay option once paid into the initiation fee (yes I’ve kept the memership up to par/schedule), I figured I’d try to get a room…

After all heck Vegas is warm, cheap flights from many destinations, and accessible to the chiropractor and healer I would possibly visit. That was the rational of commiting.

Today going to visit the club, which I know was along an ally way (where I was brought out upon completion of the presentation where I commited) and understanding what they said in the original presentation it was a beautiful view “across from the Bellagio Fountains” and would under contract and lease never be knocked down, I went back to that place.

The ally is confusing to find…but here’s the deal. It is not the “street” ally towards Ceasars (away from the side where is MGM and the Pyramid is down the Vegas strip) but is a smaller narrow ally way “I remember coming out”…

Anyways today going back to get a “free” room, now as a paid resort memember of Saphire Resort (sure they’ll likely change the name) they when I went in the Bally’s and walked around knowing this was not the entrance, brought be to another door the exit saying it was that ally way.

So here’s the part which may confuse you, as it almost did me…for a split second (but yes as you read along in my works I follow Source or Godhead, you know Holy Spirit).

Here’s the “shake up”…They send you out that door, saying it is that ally way (or even saying things like it is the Polo Club or another time share)…and as you go out those doors, you “witness” a visualization of Ceasars, so think you are mixed up….BUT listen carefully, do this for fun to experiment…

Upon analysis the Ceasars you see there, and appears to mix you up is a duplicated Hotel…moving back down Sin City lane (no just joking Vegas Strip) there are the non duplicated buildings….either there are signs on the buildings you first see to mix you up, or they even built two buildings with the same name…don’t mess this up go check it out. On the way out also you will “notice” a following sound “behind” you…do not be weary it is a ghost…it is not even magic but a process of “sound machines”….please also note the copy of the Casears building is labelled on the street which would be perpendicular (haha I assume the people that created this illusion don’t even no what the word perpendicular means) but I digress. Funnier is all the cabbies sitting out side the Bally’s as if looking it’s importance…the set up and mess up on their part is they told me inside when inquiring is Casears owns that hotel (where I was miss guided)…fuck ups! haha.

As a side note, I don’t fell sqrewed in any way learning that they took me for $ some 5000-6000 US dollars (conversion to Canadian some what 8,000-10,000 dollars. Chump change right….

Listen through this experience I got to tell some people on the way back from todays visit, still walking down the Strip, that I was Immortal…yes another trueance…yes no joke I am Immortal!

Also in many ways the joke that is most peoples (if I get this idea correct about the Luxor or more rightly Criss Angel) is Criss Angel is a fake…

Haha…even funnier is the nature of this blindness. Again no joke I too have levitated (do read my blog), and the only thing which appears “illusionary” about him is his name. Not even Angel but the first name.

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The Science of God

The Science Of GOD
Copyright 2018-The Sohamahos
Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn

Who is GOD? haha…no really.

K…some say it is a “essence” so not nameable.

Others say it is THAT I AM or even Tao.

K…again those are names.

So maybe change the form of question. Let’s ask what is GOD?

Much harder. Again some answers such as “energy” consiousness or even “field”, or “potentiality” and even “expression” (if that makes sense).

But what is that? Ideas on “nature” or “embodiment” of “substance”…yes Source is beyond that.

So we ask “Why is GOD”?

Now we have a question.

Limits become “functions”.

Did IT create for expression, purpose, analysis, or even possibility?

There are other things IT could have created (or as Hindus believe generally as create, destory, maintain) this FOR, but what about “reason”?

The fundament of WHY or HOW COME.

This is the nature that is all exclusive to be “known”.

Beyond the reason of what it is, who it is, or even how long it was, IS the Hardest question to inquire.

REASON it is?

Not how long…it has been there and will always will be there.
Not what created it…as it is its there and always was there.
But really “WHAT is THERE when THAT WE EXPERIENCE not just here but in heavenly realms, hells and the dreams we get or other universes etc that are plaussible in both the past, future and possible as creations or even “non creations” IS NOT THERE…

Looking at that…I mean really studying that “nature” or idea or even reality is the thing that bends the mind…doing that is how you become “enlightened”

It is a search or inquiry any individual should examined…not some picture but the “idea” or “inquiry” that should be “reflected” on until you see “what that idea means”. Hard nearly impossible to put into a phrase…but “look” at WHAT was THERE before ALL THIS WAS CREATED…or WHAT ALLOWS this “stuff to form”.

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Understanding “Limitations” of New Age Physics

Is Professor Hawkins Dumb or Just and Idiot?
Seriously how can a physicist explainable as a leading proponent of scientific thought not understand there is a Creator.
Copyright 2018-The Sohamahos
Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn

K…check it out. Not delusion, not religion, not the in between of “mysticism or even right or wrong of evolution versus creationism”.

Sure he is in a “wheel chair”, but does this make him “smarter” or “a thinker”…

This is why I say it.

I don’t know him, or what he thinks…but what formation of thought could agrue there is “no creative” backing or “process” that created “not even this planet or solar system…and not even universe.

Here is goes……

What was before the “supposed” “Big-Bang” of this universes onset? Not saying laws of science don’t exist or even practices and rituals or even concept of “sin” “karma” or even the names such as Godhead, Allah, Brahman or Tao should even make sense or be accepted….this is not Creationism or even what is THAT.

The expressiveness of Source or Godhead (and such names…) yes are meaningless, even when called nameless as some religions like Judaism do.

But again “WHAT” was before all this?

Sure…blackness…nope call it void…nope call it “space” or some idiot natue of non energy. Don’t care what you new age “physicists” call matter or anti-matter for that matter (haha a joke…common laugh a little)…but seriously even more idiotic than trying to relable the “newer non levels of atoms and what is less visible than that) please do note you will never “see or measure” THAT.

But yes it did exist (and has to have) or else we could not have this “formation” in existence.

Listen if you think you exist…please comment on yourself if you think you don’t exist, but should you be a part of this “reality” we express as something you are in, and I am in…either you accept you exist or your not even a part of reality (in that existence that is part of my reality)…in this way you are either a function of existence or are not even able to comprehend or more properly notice that existence is even a nature worth reporting or not reporting on because you are not existable.

K…so what was before that “creation” we call…and I am not even talking about heavens, hells, the in between yogis talk about….

THAT…that stuff that was there that allows the expansion of this universe….even an idiot can understand there had to have been something to “allow” expansion. Don’t care what you call it…but it “not only allowed” something to become something, but in truth will always be there…can’t be any other way…

If it was there to allow expansion…it will also have to be there after decay.

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Understanding Non-Duality and Reality

Non Duality and Expressions of Reality
Thoughts Based On Image of Non Maya Otherwise Known as Non Delusion
Copyright 2018-The Sohamahos
Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn

K… Most enlightened people realize there is “Totality”. Expressed as an “embodiment” they either became or witnessed.

To those non witnessed to this “state” of “witnessing”, one says these people saying they have are “delusional”.

This is the “paradoax” of reality and enlightenment “until” it sets in.

But how is it explainable to those “not” of this “enlightenment”.

Some of those who’ve accomplished this level of “realization” describe the realization as “witness of “bliss””, or “growth” or “acquistion” or even “existence”.

The first ones listed are “comphrehenadable” for the most part (even by those not of this witness), but existence.

Conceptually many fail here.

So what is the nature of “existence”.

In a way those who have this idea, have either noticed “they are alive yet dead” or a process of energy (some call spirit) which could be recongized to themselves through “invisibilty” of them to “others” or even perhaps “themselves”-a concept not to take lightly-but something more than an idea and not delusion.

The process of this is something hard to understand until it happens. The nature is either the alchemist or “yogi” has moved from “physicality” to “non-physicality” or essence of “stuff” to “nature” of “non stuff”.

Messed up, but what really is the make up of skin, muscle, bones and such?

It is a fundation of “molecules”, “atoms” and then “energy”…some say even beyond that as what physics is presenting…don’t even have to go there.

Really when have you “seen” the energy of your “battery”, or the electricity of your light-bulb?

Think you get the point. If not here is another way to think about it. Where did “Jesus” go to upon death? Sure you say his body either remained (or even didn’t) but if it did remain (where did he “come back from”) and if it didn’t (where did that body go).

Again, there is a “substructure” that is “not a part of this “physicality” or “universe”. Don’t even “stress” about the natures I’ve labelled in other works as “the Backbone of GOD” the nature of what is “the template” not just of this or other universe (those things physical), but in completness all that is, was or will be. That on any level of “what is not only possible” or could be “made” possible either “physically”, “astrally” or even “causally” with all the given “permutations” and “non limitations” of what could be possible in either God or Goddess mind, or even that mind of beings which could be considered “higher” functionally than our representation (not of Source) but our imagination of our Father God or Mother Goddess (given this earth or even universe we live in).

Not blashmous (and again not suggestive of TOTALITY or my understanding of what Source, YHWH, Brahman, Holy Spiri, Tao or even Godhead…is that expressive reprentation of everything, beyond time, place or even function-in reality not expressive of even mother or father god, but that which is never going to be removed from “whatever” that thing is that “holds” not even universes but THAT SHIT that could be-from non existence of everything to existence of anything-not even what was before the Big “Bang of not even this universe” but the nature that will and has been there-describably only through the idea that “if there is something-which we all agree we are “witness” of…also suggest it had too…not even could have but had to have been there and will always be there…even if it is a holding or ability of “something” that allows formation).

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Philosophical Yoga and Jnana Mentality

The proper realization of Natures such as “System” “Non Uniqueness” or “Play”
Copyright 2018-The Sohamahos
Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn

What is “enlightenment”. What does it provide.

It as a “function” some think means “control” or even “force” to change “non permeable”.

In this way “Jesus” but the ear back on the centurion. Babaji ressurected his “cliff-jumping” disciple. And other yogis “appear” to walk on water.

However, what is “real” and what is “deemed” unreal.

Truth is…if these icons or “individuals” often called “avatars” are doing this in this “system” and by all accounts, you too can change it.

Here’s the deal. It is not a play of sorts, where some people have lots or little or even some people have smarts or non smarts.

It is not a “show” that Source is putting on for itself. If that were somehow true, Source would not only be “nothing” but itself (a disconnect) of something, but must be described as “a waste of even formation” and itself not even a “concept we could either judge or even even accept as something we “sense”.

We do sense (which is a limitation to become “One with Source”) but it is not a limitation that suggest we are “limited” from either “free-will” or even “choice”.

In this way, we are not putting on a show, but can “ACT” or “modify” or “change”. Changes can be made to “our detail”, our “habits”, our “emotions” our “mentality” our “precision” our “skills or assets” and even our “demenor”.

Should we want to “have sex we could”…we could pay for this service, we could masturbate, some say we could even choose a smaller, less attractive, “enhanced” or even demented, unclean, or hardcore or “non servicable” source for this (pleasure or otherwise considered).

Same could be said about any other form of “exchange”.

Beyond that it means, you have the ability to “make changes”. An important consideration, especially considering most people think they only have “one life”.