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Something New!

Shiva Can Control Aliens
Shiva Can Control Brahma (The Alien Master)
Brahma Wants That…

Brahma wants That because….
Vishnu has no control…So
Shiva Creates Things….
And Brahma Tries To Destroy Them….

In this way I’m Free.
Signed Dr. Andrew “Sohamahos” Greszczyszyn (Middle Name Erling)

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What Are You Truly?

What Are You Truly?
Copyright 2017-Dr. Andrew “Sohamahos” Greszczyszyn

You are more than the body.
You are more than the mind.

You are more than wisdom
And more than emotions.

You are not pain or sorrow.
And you are not happiness or hunger.

In Truth you are everything.

This is witness through realizing yourself as Source.
And grows so that you witness yourself not just as friends, family or even non associates but also animals, trees, mountains and water.

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Understanding How To Become Liberated

The Three Ways To Become Liberated
Copyright 2017-Dr. Andrew “Sohamahos” Greszczyszyn

This guide is not a free manual to be used against one another (if any of the guide were used this way I truly hope somewhere you’d understand the limitation of using siddhis for spiritual warefare)

1. Some people don’t believe in Source, Allah, Brahma, TAO, YHWH, or even Godhead.
a. This is okay…they can still get liberated.
2. Some people believe in Source, Allah, Brahma, TAO, YHWH, or Godhead.
a. That is okay….they may or may not become liberated this life.
3. Then there is a category all together separate…those people that think of themselves as GOD.

When do I speak about these three classifications of people? More importantly how can this realization be used?

In all practice you can think you believe in God and not realize God and still never become realized. Also you can not believe in God and still realize God and become liberated. Also there are people that have realized Oneness and through that realize they are God. These people also indefinitely become realized, even if they come out of that realization.
As you can see the limitation of liberation (becoming free is not thinking God exists or not exististing) it is the pure believe of realizing God exists because you have witness it.
Some people think it will happen in heaven. And they die and reincarnate. Why because they did not realize God. Let me say again…you can answer now you know….how do you become liberated? Yes realize yourself as God. Again those that believe in God (a joke to think a belief Jesus is real is your ticket) could or could not be liberated…but those that have witnessed themselves as God will be liberated.

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Is God Real?

Is God real
Copyright 2017-Sohamahos

Some say yes. Some no.
Those that say no say the world is a shambles and say no God would do or allow this.
Those that say yes say God allows free will.

Those that say no, say evil exists so there is no God.
Those that say yes, say good will prevail.

In truth God is neither good nor evil. It is balance as TAO suggest.
In truth God is beyond the concept of free will as there is punishments as suggested in Biblical Accounts.

God is as real as the force which heals a cut. As fake as non evolution.
The realization that evolution exists with God with or without religion is important to understand.
Heaven not important to God. Hell even a place for the best people.

Belief in God not a way to heaven. Disbelief in God not a reason for hell.
Heaven is found within. Hell is what you make of your life should you choose those pains.

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What is Higher?

What is Higher?
Copyright 2017-Sohamahos

Is wealth higher than beauty?
Is beauty higher than health?
Is health higher than intellect?

How are each created?

Wealth through mental control.
Beauty through mental control.
Health through mental control.
And Intellect through mental control.

Each are not unique. Many people get this wrong.
Developing each in a balanced way means one thing.
You are divine.

Wealth without beauty suggest less fame.
Beauty without health suggest early death.
Health without a brain, means dementia.

Wealth with beauty means success.
Beauty with health means iconic.
Health with intellect means longevity.

This is balance.

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Are You Ready? The End of Times

Are You Ready? The end of times.
Copyright 2017- Sohamahos

When you choose immortality.
The world changes.

When you choose to end the cycles of death.
The world changes.

This revelation is the end of times.
Given enough desire…it is your new beginning.

Others have done it…you can as well.
The realization of how is not the limitation.
The realization of why is not even a factor.
The realization of who can do it…not registering in those that help.
If you want to know the limitation…I will tell you…lean in I’ll whisper in your ear…no come closer.

It is desire.

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The Story Of Babaji

The Way Of The Angel
Copyright 2017- Dr. Andrew “Sohamahos” Greszczyszyn

Having a difficult attempt at becoming a saint the one they call Babaji not only became a Lord but has sojourned and became a God.
The story of this God is not transparent. It begins with the revelation that Babaji is none other than you.
Not you the person. Not you the image. The you that is within.
Babaji is God incarnate.
It is a difficult thing to appreciate when you describe the nature of self.
Some call it Brahman. Others Source. And some even GOD.
Babaji. A man. A God. A guru and Us all.
Babaji has unravelled the consciousness of not only omnipresence and became one with everything, but has develop omniscience and even omnipotency.
Babaji is far from normal. He is developmentally what most would suggest is GOD.
Babaji far from being normal is also far from unnormal.
Babaji as the last avatar of religion is sciences birth. Through realizations and understanding of cosmic laws he is responsible for regulating the flow of consciousness.
As Krishna guided Hinduism and Moses Judaism. Babaji guides Spirituality.

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Cyber Friday Deals of The Century-Begining Nov. 22, 2017

Cyber Friday Deals of The Century! Beginning November 22nd, 2017!

Now Available Four Courses Based In Advanced Yogas.
1. Kriya Yoga Techniques and Use
2. Level Four Kriya Yoga
3. Sohamahos Yogas
ALL DONATIONAL BASED which can be accessed at and The Fourth Course which develops those course to bring anyone serious enough a student to immortality…
4. Sourba Samadhi Course
A course based in Yoga, which was disseminated from Babaji and Kalanginathar two Lords, who have accomplished Siddhas as disciples.

Mark this date as a Numerological Forecasted date of the beginning of the Age of Immortals! 11:22:2017