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Cyber Friday Deals of The Century-Begining Nov. 22, 2017

Cyber Friday Deals of The Century! Beginning November 22nd, 2017!

Now Available Four Courses Based In Advanced Yogas.
1. Kriya Yoga Techniques and Use
2. Level Four Kriya Yoga
3. Sohamahos Yogas
ALL DONATIONAL BASED which can be accessed at and The Fourth Course which develops those course to bring anyone serious enough a student to immortality…
4. Sourba Samadhi Course
A course based in Yoga, which was disseminated from Babaji and Kalanginathar two Lords, who have accomplished Siddhas as disciples.

Mark this date as a Numerological Forecasted date of the beginning of the Age of Immortals! 11:22:2017

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Shiva Through His Meeting

Shiva Through His Meeting
Copyright 2017-Sohamahos

There could be said to be four key things I noticed when realizing Shiva.

The first facet of what struck me about Shiva was an inward calmness and nature of being unstressed. He not only appeared healthy, clean shaven and with some weight but also that his siddhis were clean, powerful and with accuracy.

The next facet that immediately stuck me, was that he was timely. On the way back from an errand he was waiting for me, and I did not even have to search or call out for him. If this is not timely, I do not know.

A third function which I admire now thinking back upon this engagement is that he was proud to be a Siddha. Greeting me as a “friend” and through internal non silence “autosuggesting” I had become a siddha that night, I felt I was somehow more than a siddha.

And lastly the fourth function was his ability to be divine without any attachment to religion, rituals, stereotypes or non sense that would preclude him from a general allround essence that could truly take me to the heights of what would be needed to live eternally.

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Toronto Holistic Doctor Shares A True Way To Stay Healthy and Out Of Doctors’ Offices

Toronto Holistic Doctor Shares A True Way To Stay Healthy and Out Of Doctors’ Offices

Location: 588 Danforth Ave. Unit #2 Toronto ON M4K1R1
Timing: Weekend and Evening Appointments
Booking and Website: How To Stay Out of Doctors’ Offices a Free eManual Here:

There are three things that need to change so you can become healthy and stay out of doctors offices.
The following three principles are enough to keep you healthy, and even reverse most illnesses if you follow the principles.
These three principles are the basis of basic health principles and the process through which Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn brings patients up to speed on health process which are unlocked during patients’ first visit.

Doing a screen he will assess you functionally and assess limitations in these three areas.
1. Principle Allergies You Have That Are Affecting Your Health
2. Principle Yoga Stretches You Require For Health
3. Principle Exercises You Need For Health

Through understanding and then giving a detailed explanation of how to use these three key principles effectively based on your unique body, chemistry and mind- you can then decide if you want to do what is suggested on your own or through various treatments options he suggest. In this way you can either speed up the process, decrease limitations to your previous conditioning or even develop higher breakthrough so you not only stay out of doctors’ offices through your good health, but also develop higher factors of what can only be described as enhancements-things like greater energy, awakened focus, better sleep, more quality free time, more relaxed attitude, greater peace of mind and less stress.

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A Holistic Healer in Toronto, Canada

Based in Toronto’s Greek Town on Danforth just west of Pape, Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn uses World Class cutting edge techniques to affect health.

Through understanding laws of nature, diet and stresses that impact both structural (organs, muscles, bones, joints) chemical (toxicities and deficiencies, allergies and optimal diet), mental (limiting beliefs, habits, conditioning) he affects the wholistic being so patients can overcome limitations not just diseases, discomforts or aches and pains.

Through these advanced forms of healing he helps you not only become well, but also able to combat daily life stresses so you can have more energy, better focus, increased function, greater freedom and non-limited peace of mind.

The clinic runs weekends, and evenings. For more go to

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Essential Fats Proving

Essential Fats Extension

Conjugated Linoleic Acid:
-When deficient for prolonged periods of time get the sense that you need to eat, but don’t feel like eating and protein meals, carbohydrate do fill you up. If extended as a deficiency you become aggitated

Saturated Fat:
-I never knew this was an essential fat until recently…through trial and error of drastically limiting saturated fats I’ve found in deficiency it causes depression or sense of melancholy, with a “chippy” demeanor or jolly spirit once it has been eaten again

These two fats have been tested using a subvegetarian and sub vegan approach were mostly only protein from plant source were eaten for years with little to no carbohydrate intake including vegetable or grains and almost no saturated fats or monsaturated and saturated fats.

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The Concept of Healthy Fermentation Products

The Concept of Healthy Fermentation Products
Copyright 2017-Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn

We all seek fermented products. It is a natural process of health.
Many people use the wrong substances when they eat or drink fermented products.
The following should be known.
There are seven types of fermentation which most people use.
The following are them.
1. Dairy
2. Teas
3. Soy
4. Vinegars
5. Alcohol
6. Alchemical
7. Algae

What I do know is that dairy cultures which primarily are cultured with dairy products, such as yogurt, kefir and even milk, cream and butter are not healthy. See The Foundations of Health Seminar by Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn to understand this fully.
Teas contain caffeine which stresses out the adrenal glands. So they are not good, meaning kombucha can be used by has health side effects.
Soy in the way of tempeh is also a draw back as the toxins in soy make it not healthy.
Many people then go to horseradish, kimchi, soukrought etc..Vinegar based fermentation. It is my opinion but I feel that vinegar even apple cider disrupts the digestive balance and could lead to intestinal cancers, if not pancreatic.
Alcohol is one step better as a fermentation process although most people don’t consume such little amounts to make it beneficial…ie don’t know how to use alcohol for health rather than a toxin…also they do not know which grain or fruit to use for the best health (something I share in The Foundations of Health Seminar).
The last two process of fermentation are relatively new. Alchemical PPQ and CoQ to yeast enzymes which benefit health. Not too many studies have been done on toxicity but it could be assumed there may be some sort of toxicity if not taken correctly.
Lastly something I am not familiar with but I think would work if done correctly is the process of fermenting algae. If someone did a fair market product I’d like to be a part of it, or give my testing to it.

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Reiki and Pranic Healing

You can now schedule a reiki and pranic healing which will be sent through distance energy healing by going to the shop on this site and making payment of $25/treatment. There also is a basic chakra balancing and energy healing which can be accessed by making a donational payment (also in the shop of this site).

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So you know that Jesus said you can do work like him or greater…now what?

The process of becoming a healing Lord like Jesus was taught simply. The process of becoming a lord can be understood through the work I wrote titled The Yoga of Jesus: A Guide To His Techniques and Powers which can be accessed on AMAZON

In short some people don’t know that other yogis have developed healing abilities like Jesus.

I will share the following. After using some of the healing techniques in that guide my healing has been increased considerably. Touching ankles has occasionally resulted in the adjustment spontaneously of malpositioned bones.

One such technique which was not taught in that system of yoga is a work I believe will help to raise the dead.

The technique is using Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel or the point on upper lip and lower lip.
The process is using these two points in kundalini or Kriya and inhaling at the upper lip to Samadhi then breathing out at the lower lip (with the reverse lower on inbreath and upper on upper breath).

We can understand this is likely a function of this Kriya pattern as Jesus is thought to be gay sometimes. Why would this be the case. Likely because through the process of using this Kriya Jesus would have created or resurrected Lazarus’ spirit than “kissing him” breathed it back into the dead body at the points of the lips uniting at conception vessel and governing vessel (two major acupuncture points).

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Reflecting on Jesus’ Temple, Kingdom and Church

Reflecting On Jesus’ Kingdom, Temple and Church
Copyright 2017- Dr. Andrew “Sohamahos” Greszczyszyn

Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it again! John 2:19 as spoken by Jesus
One should understand he was speaking of his body.
So the Temple like what many Siddha’s suggest is the body.

Kingdom which I spoken about in other works I’ve published is the true sense of your inner self.
How do we know this? Jesus again describes to us this in simple terms when disciples asked him where the kingdom was saying “if the kingdom is in the sky…then birds will precede thee, if it is in the sea then fish would…no the kingdom is found within!
So we know again as many yogis in the past have told us the kingdom is found within. It is the inner self, something which even Napoleon Hill of Think and Grow Rich a critically acclaimed book taught us could be a part of the mastermind group, something not foreign to those who’ve become witness of the inner self we call GOD.
So then what of the church? Cryptic? Not really it is the system of teaching which he laid forth.
Everyone is able to create a church. It is the process of disseminating your inner realizations into workable translations.
For Jesus this is the work of Christianity. For me my church is the works I put forth.

What should be understood is that Jesus taught us that works greater than his we could do. We also know from scripture that we are made in the image of GOD.
Through the process of establishing my church I’ve been fortunate to develop my kingdom through realizing Source or Godhead and developing principles to establish your temple into a place which is healthy, immortal and now liberated.
Just as Jesus described that other could do similar work as him or greater works. I now provide systems, stories, idea, foundations, courses and insights so you yourself can develop your kingdom, a cleaner even immortal or deathless temple to store the kingdom and ways to build your church or calling.

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Dimension Nomeclature of Cosmic Human Beings-Addition From Dimensions and Reality eManual

Nomenclature of Cosmic Human Beings
Copyright 2017-Dr. Andrew “Sohamahos” Greszczyszyn

This is a portion which needed to be updated (and now has been given as a FREE addition) from Dimension and Reality By Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn (AMAZON).

Dimension One: Atom
Dimension Two: Line or Force
Dimension Three: Human Realized as Son Daughter God
Dimension Four: Christ
Dimension Five: Master
Dimension Six: Siddha
Dimension Seven: Lord
REMEMBER THE SPLIT between Deathless Physical Being and Omnipresent Spirit at 7th dimension.
Spirit Dimension 8: Deva or Devi
Spirit Dimension 9: Mahadeva Mahadevi
Spirit Dimension 10: God or Goddess (Sometimes called Superhero!)

Physical Dimension 8: Overlord
Physical Dimension 9: Adept
Physical Dimension 10: God or Goddess (Often called Superhero! Haha)

Then the process merges again as they develop 11th dimension. Due to nature talked about in Dimensions and Reality (see AMAZON by Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn)

Dimension 11: Alien
(as they will be in a new cosmos…not just new universe) NOTICE: we should not call the other types of lifeforms we generally call as aliens here on earth…just as we are humans and a dog is canine the other being have their own names (not just alien) this can be appreciated as the beings represented on Stark Trek (with their own name such as Cyborgs..which are their types, like humans are our type…not just called aliens).

Dimension 12: Wraith, Lynch, etc (doesn’t mean good or bad as many think) see the eManual to understand the concept of 12th dimension
Dimension 13: Consciousness
Dimension 14: THAT or Not THAT (See Dimensions and Reality as above) -conceptually it is the Backbone of GOD which I allude to in Metaphysics of God by Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn..the thing we’ll never see or witness with the senses. In Truth it is Finality…conceptually something Source needs to prove it is functional without anything, and is also practical if it ever wanted to stop/start something else again (see Dimensions and Reality for more understanding).