1. Immortal and Deathless Yoga/Kriya Yoga Level Four Initiation

Seminar is Now Online At AMAZON (Titled 1) Soruba Samadhi eCourseĀ  AND 2) Liberating Systems eSeminar (EACH under $8 US)


NOTICE time for weekly seminars will now be FRIDAYS each week (unless not run) at 12pm-2pm EST (NEW YORK TIME) as eSeminars. Sign Up and Course Information will be given both on AVATARBABAJIYOGA (facebook page), here, this blog post, email list at avatarbabaji@gmail (send an email to be included on this mailing list which only markets Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn’s work).

NEXT WEEK December 29th 2017 there will be a eSeminar starting at 12pm (EST/NEW YORK TIME). The following week January 5, 2018, we will begin the weekly/monthly syllabus. Dec 29th will be a seminar on:

2. Developing Success Formulas

Understanding The Foundations of Success is important. It’s limits are more than wealth, fame, or business and realestate holdings. The impact of what will be taught on this powerful introductory eSeminar on what makes success develop and how you yourself can increase your success will be taught…ESTIMATED cost will be between $3.95-6.50 (it will likely be less than 1.25 Hours in Length) and be available for the first 100 paid Subscribers who’ve booked or sent an eMAIL to (SEE SHOP SECTION of this websites for enrollment page which should be up shortly). Recorded Videos will follow online both on this site (for shorter durations) at a premium and at an even higher premium on AMAZON (up for longer lasting period).