Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn “Sohamahos” Bio:

Child Pose: Remote viewing
Standing Hamstring: Connection to earth
Reverse Plough: Bilocation Further
Full Reverse Plough: Bilocation
Seated Hamstring: Ego Kill (no pain, hunger, lust, thirst)
Tree Stand: Weather control
Sphinx: Levitation
Extended Sphinx/one side: Further/longer duration levitation
Camel Pose: Eliminate need water
Shoulder Stand: telepathy
Savasana: buried alive
Boat Pose: Healing

Leg Lock: Realize Divine Mother
Lotus: Samadhis
Kneeling: Control weather

Yoni Mudra: resist murders
Khecary Mudra 1: Deathless or die when I want
Khecary Mudra 2: Light body
Khecary Mudra 3: Incoruptible/Diamond Body
Fish Pose: Eliminate Need Eat Fish

Mantra Shiva: Become a perfect disciple
Mantra Ell Eee Tee: Remember all learnt previous life
Mantra Om Padme: No need shelter/food

Colours: Don’t know what they do but all primary 7 spectrum rainbow
Sounds: Don’t know what they do but all tones 7 primary scale

Nauli To Full Samadhi: No Hunger

I am completed as a master (as I have two of the three locality siddhis of levitation, teleportation and bilocation) and siddha (as I have full control over death) with some siddhis, but am not a lord as I do not have subjugation, access to any locale or other major siddhis.
The above are my siddhis. Some minor and one major. Most of the siddhis I use involuntarily or without control and of those many I know I am doing it but don’t control consciously.
My second guru who is my last is Kalangi or Kalanginathar.
The courses and teachings on the website are instructions as process of how I did it myself.
Because they worked for me doesn’t mean they will work for you, however it does prove they are workable.

The Following are given out from time to time:

FREE distance reiki treatment and chakra balancing can be receive by tuning into Dr. Andrew “Sohamahos” Greszczyszyn. This gives a sense of basic healing provided through ongoing proximity, touch, glance or intent.

A FREE astrological natures guide can also be received by emailing agreszcz@hotmail.com with (date; month/day/year birth, location; city/state/country, time;am/pm) to determine if the astrology is suitable for your questioning, this before any purchase are made.

FREE eManuals on various topics can be sent via email and will be updated on an ongoing basis. The list will be added here from time to time.

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