Here are some of the basics topics that will be covered on Saturday Morning 6am EST (NEW YORK TIME) 2018 Weekly Seminars.

Seminars Weekly 2018 Saturday Morning Seminars: 49 Weekly Seminars During 2018

1. Nutrition
a. Best Vegetarians Diet
b. Supplements
c. Becoming a Vegan
d. Siddha Diet
e. Alchemistry Basics
f. Supplementing for Vegetarian and Vegans
g. How To Transition from Eating Meat to Plant Based Diet
2. Success
3. Longevity
a. Overcoming The Top Ten Killers
b. Anti Aging Supplementation
c. Anti-Aging Systems
d. Longevity Principles
e. Factors that break down in aging populations
f. Anti-Aging Guide
g. Alchemistry and Yoga for Anti-Aging
4. Healing
a. Basics of Self Healing
b. Understanding How To Self Heal Common Health Limitations
c. Yoga and Rehab Exercises for Back Conditions
d. Conscious Healing For Yoga Healers
5. Health
a. Understanding How To Make Resistance Exercise More Powerful
b. Weight Lifting for Vegans
c. Supplementing for Vegan Athletes
d. Supplements that change between vegan and vegetarian diets
e. Understanding the changes in diet according to seasonal variations
f. How to save thousands of dollars a year eating correctly
g. Limitation in Becoming and Maintaining Health
6. Yogas
a. How To get into Lotus
b. How To develop Samadhi
c. Meditations Guide
7. Wealth
a. Billionaire Mindset
b. Wealth Yoga
c. How Yogis Can Become Wealthy
d. Understanding How To Have a Family Holiday Every Year



Also there will be Friday Afternoon 12-2pm (or slightly less) EST (NEW YORK TIME) Weekly Seminars The following are some basics.


Friday Afternoon Weekly Seminars 2018 List

1. Yogas
a. Systems of Yoga
b. Siddhis
c. Breakthroughs (integrating approaches)
2. God Goddess
a. Domain
b. Beauty
3. Stress Elimination
4. Success
5. Deity Yogas

6. Cosmogenesis
7. Higher Liberating Factors


There will be space of 100 people on each eSeminars (both Fridays and Saturdays)…also recordings will be available (marked up on AMAZON) and possible lower mark up on this site.